Whether you are looking to increase production, enhance water quality or just need personal customer service, JAN Resources is the solution.

Jan Resources, LLC

JAN Resources employs a “Client Focused” business model and has extensive chemical formulation and application knowledge, experience, and capabilities to provide great solutions for Water Treatment and Recycle, Frac Chemicals, Biocide and Scale Programs and Coil Tubing/Drillout Chemicals. We have a history of providing products and services which deliver the best return on investment.

  • Fluid System Design and Optimization
  • Precise on the fly pumping of our chemistries
  • Comprehensive Lab and Analytical Capabilities
  • Custom formulation and manufacturing
  • Inventory and Logistics Management
  • On-site Fluid Specialist/Material Coordinator with Mobile Lab
  • Post Well Fluid Analysis
  • Water Reuse Programs